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Services Provided

Psychoeducational and Psychological Evaluations

The decision to have a psychological or psycho-educational evaluation is one that often comes with many questions and concerns. I am committed to providing personal and competent attention to families, and offer a variety of different types of evaluation services. When evaluating a child or adolescent, I believe that it is critically important to consider that individual as he or she relates to his or her own environment. It is equally important to consider as many different aspect of an individual as possible to the most comprehensive picture related to his or her environment. 

Dr. von Zuben also runs social skills groups for children, which incorporates both a skill-building segment for children, as well as a psycho-educational component for parents as to how to reinforce topics discussed in group.

Consultation and Advocacy to Work with your Child's School

As a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist, Dr. von Zuben is trained to provide educational advocacy services to children and their families. More specifically, Dr. von Zuben has over 10 years experience working with families and schools to provide and implement appropriate services for students. In this role, Dr. von Zuben consults with and guides parents through the process of obtaining services through their local school Child Study Team to ensure appropriate placement and services for each child's educational needs. 

Collaborative Law Work for Families Experiencing Divorce

As a child-centered therapist, I believe that divorce can be achieved in a manner that is supportive of families.

Collaborative Law is an innovative model for helping adults and children through the divorce process. I am a member of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group (www.buckscountycollabortivelaw.com), a local group of attorneys and allied professionals dedicated to helping you and your family at this vulnerable and upsetting time of life.  To find out more about collaborative law, please go to https://www.collaborativepractice.com
I use my extensive experience as a child and family psychologist for the family court to help famlies make the divorce transition go as smoothly as possible. As part of this proces, I can support families in the follwing ways:

  • As a child specialist
  • As a therapist for individual adults or children
  • As a divorce coach
  • As a mediator for child-centered issues

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